Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Winner!!!!!!!!!!!! Picked Christi!!!!!!!!!!! Shoot me an email buddy and ill send you the package(this box plus more! :) Lee and Amanda get a gift too for commenting the most on my blog since its been up. Email me your addys too so i can send you guys something just for being awesome. Sorry the posts have been sparse again this week. LIfe i swear just seems to get in the way of my blogging lol. I have been working on this this week. I like it. its a little diff then what i usually make. I made it with Black Market paper. it has this awesome canvas feel that i love!!!! I used gesso to cover up most of the bottom layer then added on papers with Diamond glaze. I used a bunch of prima stuff too. The pic is a funny color cus the printer was out of ink at work, but i just went with it cus it matched. I sprayed the whole thing with Glimmer misT when i was done in a yellow and a pink color.
Tip of the day: wanna make your own glimmer mist at home? I got 2 ways for you. First you need a spray bottle. a small one!!! I use Ranger Mini Misters because they spray a really fine mist. Then you need some reinker, I use Tim Holtz distress reinkers for this because they dont loose their color intensity when you add water. Last you need some perfect pearls. any color will do just experiment!!! So take your mini mister and add one full dropper of reinker too it. then take a Popsicle stick and scoop some perfect pearls on too the end of it. add it to the mini mister then fill with water. Shake and you have home made glimmer mist!!! The first spritz outta the bottle isnt a fine mist so spray it in the trash can 3 times first. The other way i have found to do it is to add concentrated water color to the mister instead of reinker. I use Dr. martins and it has an eye dropper, you could also use the kind in the tube(Windsor and Newton-I get mine at Hobby Lobby in the art section). For these use only a little bit of watercolor cus its really concentrated. Just play around with diff color reinkers and perfect pearls. Its super awesome!!! I usually spray my finished piece right at the end to give it an extra POP. Make sure to write down the combos you like, and always test on scrap paper first. I used this technique on the back ground of this LO and all over this card. Enjoy bloggers! Ps link anything you make with this in the comments section so we can all see!!!


Christi Flores said...

I won? Woohoo!!! Thank you so much sweetie!! You should come and bring it to me since we live so close! *wink* I'll shooot you an email right now!! Have a happy 4th!!

Lee said...

Congrats Christi!!! And what a sweetie you are Bree!!! I'll e-mail you too! What a fabulous are so talented and I hope you are enjoying a relaxing and fun weekend!!

Teresa said...

Terrific post! The finished piece looks great and the tutorial is excellent! I know what I'm going to be looking for at ACMoore tomorrow!!!