Thursday, July 31, 2008

Art Journal

Lots of emotions to get out lately so I decided to start an art journal, cus I dont have enough projects going on right now!I like to do alot at one time i guess. I finished sweet Lolas album way ahead of time!! It turned out great. I guess when money is involved I tend to focus on one thing at a time lol. Ok back to the emotions and the art journal. Crazy emotions from my recent departure from what i thought was going to be my dream job, but obviously was not. Being thrown back in to the non workforce bum mode sucks :( I have some things in the works right now though that should be fabulous in some time :) anyway...... so this whole page is just a reaffirmation for me to stay true to myself, and stop letting people push me around or define who I should be. I enjoyed making this. It pushed me with the layering and stuff. I made this one a few days ago and have made some more since then, so im sure ill be sharing those in the near future. I just wrote myself a note to take photos of my recent stuff tomorrow( pray for me i always remember to take the pics at 1 am when there is no natural light lol) So hopefully Ill get back on track with that :) I might post a few letters per day(from my a to z album) in individual posts so it can move faster and I can pic a blog candy winner sooner!!!!! I think im going to try to set some posts to auto post if i can figure out how that works, since im not so good at getting on here everyday :) Hope you enjoy the art journal page!!! Night bloggers!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey....Brenda here.....cute, cute, cute LO.

Christi Flores said...

Awesome lo! I'm so sorry things are going the way you wanted but just keep your chin up and be true to yourself and you'll be fine. {{{HUGS}}}