Friday, April 25, 2008

Im alive...........well kinda?

Ok day 2 is going a little better. 36 hours into it and i don't feel so bad actually. Yesterday was a little stressful. I dint realize how often I actually thought about smoking. Do this followed by smoking do this smoke. smoke smoke smoke. LOL I Feel pretty good so I am sure I will never smoke again!!! On to more crafty measures the pic is a piece of fabric(Who knows what kind??? Not me!! I dont claim to sew i just pick out whats pretty. Its sorta like canvas but not so much) that I gessoed and painted and stuff. Its 6x6 and I super love it. Its a mix of Journal Revolution and Donna Downey. style i guess. I need to finish the other one so I can mail it off to its recipient! Have a good day guys I gotta get ready for work......Hopefully no one is mean to me. I am a little short fused :)


Diane said...

Congrats on stopping smoking!!!
I've never smoked but I know alot of people who are trying to quit and it seems so hard! So hooray for you!!! Love the card,the fabric is so cool!

Lee said...

I hope you have a good day too and that it goes smoothly for you!! Your crafting is wonderful and good to keep you're doing amazingly!!! :)