Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Life: A pink paint splattered mess!

I made this canvas shortly after reading Journal Revolution. I was really inspired to create some thing that represented me. Hence the pink, messy, paint filled canvas with a crown on it. This is a skinny pic of me from a year ago(pre marriage lol) The journaling says "This is me just the way I like it" Motivation kinda to loose the fluff marriage bestowed upon me!!! Hope you like it :) I'm off to finish cleaning my studio and then I'm making something! I just drank a red bull at 10pm, smart I know, but I create the best late at night. I have so many ideas swimming in my head a few need to come to fruition tonight, or my head might explode LOL.


Beth said...

This is awesome! You are truly an artist - this is totally something I'd see in a magazine! I wouldn't know where to begin to make a layout like this-fabulous! Fluff...yeah, let's not talk about fluff, lol.

Pamela said...

another great the artistic look...AWESOME!