Monday, January 7, 2008

My Word for 2008

Ali Edwards put a wonderful post up on her blog about clearing out last years inspirations to make room for a new fresh start. Along with that she posted a word to inspire her this year. I have been thinking about this since she put it on her blog. I Need inspiration & motivation. The end of 2007 was a little rocky for me and my family so I decided that this year I would focus on
HARMONY--1 a balanced, pleasing, or suitable arrangement of parts 2 peaceful coexistence 3 a state of consistency
Each part of this definition shows what I am truly needing right now. Balance---can I have an extra helping of that please??? Peaceful coexistence--Family woes oh my do I need this! Consistency--I think someone forgot to tell me about this one lol.......I want to find peace and harmony in my personal, family , and crafting life. I feel calmer already :) I'm off to take my sis to school, when I get back Ill post my creation with my word!!! Please comment on what your word and the meaning behind it!! I love to hear stories!!!


Unknown said...

You are absolutely right, balance is everything. I'll have to give this some thought, I'll let you know when I pick one! Good luck to you in bring balance to your life/work/craft!

Teresa said...

I am looking forward to reading more about your efforts and will definitely check our Ali's blog as well.

Lee said...

That is so cool Bree!! A word for the year........okay, I'll reflect on that and come back and letcha know! Balance and harmony sure are key!! I'm hoping my kiddos can learn that earlier in life too as it sure helps a bit with some smoother sailing! Way to go with such a wonderful start to the new year!!

UrgentCookie said...

Harmony is a great word for 2008! Good luck on acheiving your Harmony. :0)