Monday, July 6, 2009

So life is slightly nuts

This is a picture of my 3rd bedroom that is currently housing all of my art stuff. I'm remodeling my studio and everything is complete chaos. I can't find anything :( this is the third time I've painted that room lol. Third times the charm right? I'm thinking when I'm done painting I'll be happier in there. The dark teal made me feel kinda anxious. So I picked this awesome peachy salmon color that I'm gonna accent with a bright teal!!!!! Here's a progress picture it looks orange cus of bad light oh well.

So this blogpost is from my new Iphone so it's really just a test post. Im praying this will help me post more! Have a great day everyone!
-- Post From My iPhone
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Mrs. Spotts said...

You are quite the home improvement girl! I love the pictures of the before and eventually the after, keep them coming! I just painted my art space too, it has been a game room for seven years. My husband literally built the room around the pool table, making sure that from all angles one could pull back the cue. Well, seven years of slobby messes in there (by him) and no real pool action taking place inspired me to take over. I have officially claimed the space for the next seven years. I did paint with the hubby in mind though, a very true Dodger blue. He thinks he still has hope of getting his table back, I say no chance though. I do still have to paint a long header on the ceiling that is still the rust color from before.

Glad to hear you are alive and working hard! I am sorry I didn't write all this in an email, too lazy to move pages I guess!

Unknown said...

WOW! You really are doing a ton with that house! I wanna come see when you are done this time around. LOL!

Christi Flores said...

You crack me up girl! I have a feeling when I get my own house I'll do the same thing! :)

dani said...

Good luck with the color!!!

Sasha said...

Cannot wait to see the finish product on this ..