Friday, June 5, 2009

GASC Arlington with

Today on 4 hours of sleep(insomnia is running ramped in this house) I worked for here in Arlington. Exhausting but totally worth it. These ladies were so awesome and fun to work for!!! Check them out at Great American scrapbook convention or on their web site. Almost everything's a dollar HELLO?????
So......... I got to the convention an hour before my shift started to power shop!!! I found some really awesome stuff that Ill be posting prob on sun. The hands down best find was this hand made paper from India for 35 cents. These deals, im telling u, are beyond wonderful!!! I cant stop touching the paper. It feels like heaven and the texture is to die for. I have about 50 projects envisioned for it so ill prob be forced to get some more :) Hubs and I are going again in the morning so I can spend his money(its my birthday month and I deserve it) I'm sleepy so till next time.........


just jenn said...

What did you buy me? I have started using my company blog more so I can at least have a creative update outlet. Check me out! ;)

The Sloanes said...

Where oh where is my buddy Bree? Where oh where can she be?

Zanne said...

Love all the new art you are creating. Hope you are doing well;)