Sunday, April 26, 2009

still playin

Still working on clearing out my studio.....I cleaned out the entire closet! I'm Getting rid of a whole lot. Ive also started putting things all over the walls to try to cover up the yucky dark color. I really like my paint dipped tags, I might not use them as collage and just leave them up on the wall. Who knows? See the yellow spot? I peeled paint up off the floor and stuck it to the wall....random makes me happy!!! Seriously, do not paint your studio until you are 100% on the color :) This color makes me very not happy lol
I made this the other night in my crazy painting frenzy. First layer....I kinda like it....kinda dont....I think im gonna collage over it some and make it more mixed media??? Its just practice stuff on dollar store canvas boards so if i dont like it in the end i will start over :) I got the boards at dollar tree....if u have one of those look for them!!! Theyre 2 for a $1 :) I bought every one that was at the store, sadly only 4 packs..... Im gonna go play some more before work!!!

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Christi Flores said...

I am LOVING all your painting girl! So fun!