Thursday, April 2, 2009

Inspiration abounds......

Like the new blog look???? I got it here.....House of 3 is making me fall in love with digi/hybrid which i thought would never happen. I bought this last night too......I really like how simple the products are to use and the price.....totally awesome!!! I have been dipping tags in leftover paint alot lately thanks to Art journaling 102........this one spoke to me....I used the punched circles on a page then felt the need to take a picture of it. The colors pop like crazy i love it :) I have some projects to share tomorrow. they didnt photograph very well so im gonna try again.
Oh ya.....I met with a sweet lady today to do a custom album for her......boy stuff lol Just my luck.....I wanna do one girl album for a change please please please :) anyway Im thankful none the less. I love making stuff for people!!! I also signed up for a craft fair at the end of may....Im a little nervous but im sure it will turn out ok(fingers crossed)
Ready for some funny stuff........ This is when my husband was a body builder lol. He decided i needed to make a bunch of these so he could show his coworkers what he did in high school. I cant get the other 2 to upload....ill try tomorrow they are funny!!!!!

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