Thursday, April 23, 2009


I have been submitting to design teams for awhile and I found out that I made one yesterday. Im so excited!!! Im really looking forward to making some awesome stuff for them! Krop Paper Scissors is a store front in Grants Pass, Oregon and I really wanna go now......Especially since it was 98 degrees here yesterday yucky yucky. Big thanks to whoever selected the Design team and congrats to the other ladies that made it!
13 days till I leave for Inspired!!! Im super excited about that too. Jeff said i can get a video camera before i go.....Look out world I might video blog???? The only bad thing so far is that I just found out that American Airlines charges for your FIRST and second bag checked. What a rip off. Wont be flying with them again. I understand they need to make money, but I have to bring a lot of stuff with me everywhere I go and Im not really excited about paying an extra $80 for my bags. Ok enough with the complaining..... Heres an art journal page I did About appreciation. I struggle with communicating how much I appreciate what I have so i figured I would journal about it. Suzi Blu did a Vlog about appreciation and It was a fabulous prompt!! Yellows are apparently what I associate appreciation with..... Who knew? The letters are a little hard to see so ill tell you what the text says...... I appreciate my mom being sane finally, the color teal, pretty stuff, Jeff putting up with me, My art, and breakfast in the mornings! I appreciate a million other things but for that day these things came to mind. Today is my Grandpas birthday!!! Happy Birthday!!!!! I have a million things to do before I go to work so ill leave this post semi short! Have a wonderful day every one......Go make something about appreciation

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Amber Zimmerman said...

Congrats on the dt! Love your art journal page. I have just began an art journal too. . .it's so fun to be messy and not really think but just explore! =)