Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Whirlwind month I swear :)

I honestly dont think i have ever been this busy in my life. I have been going nonstop since last month. heres a quick rundown with bullets cus i like them!!!!
  • Packed my whole house( half of the boxes were from my studio)
  • Decided if i didnt have a garage sale all of our stuff wasnt going to fit in the house that is twice the size of our apartment????
  • Moved
  • Bought a dog----Genius idea when your in the middle of moving----unpack one thing take the dog out unpack two things clean up pee unpack one thing make the dog stop chewing purse.....get the idea? oh geez it was exciting. Hes doing super good though and is well on his way to potty training bliss!!!!
  • Unpacked---omg i swear i never want to move again
  • Met TIm Holtz :) I slept 2 hours that night but i made it and he was super sweet! He is the Don of Distressing i swear its amazing!!!
  • Cleaned frantically like a mad woman before my grandparents came up
  • My grandparents blew in for the night on their way up north
  • Finally got around to unpacking my studio----WOW i have way way way too much stuff.....thank God for garage sales!!!
  • Got a job---My friend is opening a second boutique store here and asked if i wanted to help out 25 hrs per week
  • Then she deceided i should work 40----hmmm thats full time and im a part time work full time scrap kinda gal, but i agreed
  • Went and looked at said store, told her some ideas i had
  • Same day got offered a manager position, so now im going to run said store
  • Hmmmm manager and running a store definatly not a part time gig ;)
  • Went to the State fair and ate some yummy yummys! (dont mind my bushy eyebrows and atrociously undyed hair i told you i have been super busy remember?)
  • Started setting up the store so we could open next week
  • Get a call this morning saying maybe we should open wed---um ya thats in 2 days and the slat wall isnt up yet buddy
  • Realized that my Friend who is opening the store is a total Gemini with ADD like me!
  • I really like bullets-----Can you tell??
  • So ya im super excited about this new venture in my life! Im in charge and she doesnt care how i do things as long as the store does well!!
  • Oh ya and shes gonna let me advertise my custom scrapbook business in the store!!!!
  • Im totally happy and still love bullets
Ok enough of that! I just tried to take some photos of some layouts i made last night but they dont look very good so ill try again tomorrow....anyone have some good photography tips on shooting at home at night? I have a cannon rebel xti.....i really think it should photograph my los better at night....Im just sayin' for the price it should walk over and take them its self lol. Have a wonderful day...... night......whatever Bloggin buddies!
Tip of the day: I have been using found items to stamp, mask, and stencil with alot lately. Some of my favs are: a film canister to stamp circles with acrylic paint(i know no one uses film anymore but i promise if you look in your junk drawer hard enough you will find some!), You can also used cans cookie cutters pizza cutters or credit cards(the ones they wont stop sending you in the mail that say your nane here) for this just dip said object in paint or just dab some on it with your finger......Masking with Sequin waste(ill post a lo with that tomorrow with a pic of what sequin waste is for those who dont know or cant google lol)...... Stamping dots with the ends of my paintbrushes( learned this one from my grandma when i was little and i still use it all the time)..... Using vintage buttons as stamps( the flowery looking ones or just ones with a raised design)......Using chip board negatives as masks( when i buy a package of chipboard shapes i punch them out and put them in a jar then i keep whats left and use a sponge to fill in the shape with ink!) Ok thats all i can think of at 1 am hope that inspires you to find different things to aid in your scrapbooking adventure!!!


Anonymous said...

uhhhh....that job thing really evolved there girlie. I am however thinking that dog is so stinkin' cute he's worth cleaning up pee for.

Teresa said...


Good luck with the new job- I hope you are a big success!

Rainy said...

Well you have been busy. Where did you meet Tim H? Also, Ghengis Stanley is an awful big name for that cutie. Is he full boxer? Him is so cute.