Monday, October 6, 2008

My life lately :)

I thought i would share some pics of what we have been doing! We got almost all the way moved yesterday....The house is a wreck.....moving isnt cool at all thank god we bought this house so maybe we will stay for a while. My studio is still in boxes so i prob wont be making any thing for a while :( Soon very soon my house will be in order then we'll be back to the regularly scheduled program!!!!

Jeffs new grill :)

Last night we used the grill for the first time! Yummy steaks and shrimp. BTW hes drinking root beer lol

Me painting our 3rd bedroom a yummy yellow!!!!

Last night i got Cooking Light to read while jeff was busy grillin!!!

Yummy shrimp served elegantly on the bottom of a paint bucket ;)


Teresa said...

Good luck and here's hoping for many happy years in your new home!

Anonymous said...

hope you get all settled in soon.
new beginnings are always so fun.

Karen said...

Moving is never fun but I hope you get everything sorted out quickly. I love the yellow.


Christi Flores said...

I know moving isn't fun but it sure looks like you're taking the good with the bad. *wink* LOVE that yellow!!