Saturday, June 12, 2010

When nature speaks..... Listen

I was just at the bookstore having an indepth conversation with my grandma about life, love, growth, and change. In the end I was a little sad and worried about the future and what I need to do. There's so much in life confusing me right now..... So I pull out of the parking lot.....stop at a stop sign and this blows into my lap.....

Sometime nature feels the need to point u in the right direction..... Im crying and listening God :) u and Grandma are right.

Dont usually post mushy feely stuff on here but in 10 years i want to remember this moment.

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Lorrie Spotts said...

Bud, I love that your picture shows a heart in your palm, and then your wedding ring too. So much love in one picture.

Life does seem to have its ups and downs and just paying attention and listening does seem to make sense.


Katie said...

Love the mushy post Bree. You'll be in my prayers as I know change is so hard.

Unknown said...

Sometimes I am amazed that perfect strangers on the Internet can have the same thoughts!

I have been praying lately for a better tune-in to God and that I can be a better listener for His answers.

Prayers that your confusion will become crystal clear. :)