Thursday, November 6, 2008

Random thoughts and blatherings

First off i want to say that I'm very proud to be an American! Im proud to live in a country where i have the right to vote for anyone i want no matter their gender race or religion. I think that this election was very significant, and although the person i wanted to win(Hillary Clinton and not ashamed to say it) didn't win i still commend our country for exercising our constitutional rights as citizens and voting. The voter turn out was completely amazing, I hope this continues in every election. Im very proud to have grown up in a politically charged household, where knowing whats going on in the world will defiantly make or break a "discussion" Im proud that my grandparents instilled in me a sense of American pride, and let me know at an early age that being educated in your views(whether they agreed with them or not) was of the utmost importance! My grandparents rock :) the picture is from last week when my Grandma and Grandpa where here, My little sister Cheyenne is in the front. She just turned 19 on monday!

Ok on to other news, i still love my job, with its long hours and crazy mayhem. I have been thinking alot lately about my life and the direction it has been in and the direction it seems to be moving in now. Today i was reading a few peoples blogs and they were talking alot about introspection.....I have chosen some crazy paths in my life, none that i regret but some that i could have thought through a little more. The old saying that when one door closes another one opens has always really applied to my life. Take for instance my current job. Hubs and i have a "discussion" and my not having found a job comes up. the next day my friend calls and offers me this job. Crazy huh? then this job turns into a ton of responsibility and lots of tasks and organization, which i dont tend to like.....But im totally thriving, i really think that this is what my mind needed.......A challenge.......something to work out and work through! I feel like i can think more clearly now than i have been able too in a long time. Ideas are running through my head faster then i can write them down. I love it! I feel at peace, maybe this isnt my end career goal, but i do think its a new platform to jump off of. Make sense? I think this job also renewed some of my confidence in myself. My boss goes on and on about how much im doing and how thankful she is. I guess i really did need that. Everyone does at some point i guess.

Any way that's how im feeling this afternoon how bout you? BTW i haven't scrapbooked, but im really gonna try tonight while i do laundry.....i really hate laundry :(

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