Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dream Big!!!

This lo came together quick, and was so much fun. The doodle paper is by Rusty Pickle(Pop Star Collection) and so are the stickers. Aren't they cute!!! This is a pic of one of my first days of school(one of many first days lol). I really liked the pic and i have been wanting to use this paper forever! I colored the words in with Prisma colored pencils. Super simple, the whole thing took me maybe 15 min to complete!!! Im gonna try and scrap tonight after work. I just wish my studio was clean. I actually got some sleep last night for a change. Im super excited about that! What else???? Oh i have been on Etsy a ton lately trying to find someone to make curtains for my house. I found this sweet lady, who makes the cutest aprons! Her ideas and sketches have been fabulous!!! other then that not much going on here but work work work. This weekend(our weekends are Sun-Tues) were going to ikea to "look" at a bunch of stuff. Little does hubs know, were buying half the store. We have been slacking on fixing up the house since i started working. I swear theres not near enough hours in the day. I hope you guys have a fabulous day!
Tip of the day: Scared to doodle? Dont know where to start? Buy some paper like the one above, or Love Elsie, Or this one and trace over it with tracing paper. I do this allot, because im not the worlds best artist. It gives your hands an idea on what to do! Sometimes i also take a piece of patterned paper that i want to copy the image of and place it on top of my card stock then trace the pattern pretty hard with a stylus. then take the pp off and there should be an indentation in your card stock that you can the trace over with a pen so it shows up. Or just leave it as is for a subtle impression!


Christi Flores said...

Wow! Awesome layout!!!

Anonymous said...

Woooo - you have rocked the Pickle here!

Unknown said...

I have been a bad blog sister. Since I got my reader I haven't left many messages I am going to try to work on that now that you are logged into my google reader