Friday, December 28, 2007

I have been tagged....TWICE

I know I'm behind as always!!! OK random facts right????
1. I was in band in school. In HS I played the Contra Bass Clarinet. It was 5 ft long almost as tall as me and I got to sit in a tall chair, It made me special. My teacher chose me to play it cus I'm long winded. Go figure
2. Crafting has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. "Grandma lets make something" I loved my beadazzler she got me when i was younger!!
3. This is hard????? OK, I admit it. I play video games all the time. I love them. At our wedding reception DH's friend gave a toast saying that's why we got married!!
4. I have 3 tattoos. One of them can only be seen under a black light. Nifty huh?
5. If you knew me irl you would know that im a girly girl, but when i was 13 I got my hunters education lic. and I can actually shoot!!
6. I never dated in HS
7. I have lost almost 75 lbs since 2001!!!
8. I absolutely hate cleaning with a passion. I would rather do anything else!!!
9. My grandpa gave me a love of 50's music. I still love it. Teresa Brewer's sweet old fashioned girl is my fave. Patsy Cline is a close second.
10.FINALLY....OK I gotta think of a good one to conclude this mess......I love to read. My grandma gave me that love....the cool thing was in 6Th grade my teacher had this thing where for every 5 books you read you got to have ice cream with her at recess. most of the kids in my class had about 10. I had about 60. I'm elementary I read a book or more day. At this point in life I couldnt tell you how many books I have read. I kinda wish I kept track though!! My grandmas prob read a million!!!
I dont know who I'm gonna tag yet so beware!!!


Lee said...

You are sooo fun!!! And thank you so much for sharing about your weight loss.......I have 100 to lose and you inspire me to know that it's possible!! And shhhh.......I have 2 tatoos that VERY few people who know me know I have!!! ;)

Kristi Judkins said...

Bree - that's awesome...I think your weight loss is very inspiring - you know I'm working on it myself! Love the fact that you enjoy reading (I only read magazines - short attention span!)...Grandparents are wonderful aren't they??!! I love the Christmas pic of you and Jeff!!