Monday, October 17, 2011

New beginnings

Life's a changin around here.... I just moved!!!! Super excited about that. My studio will be set up in a week.... Being with out it for 5 months was interesting!!! Here a semi step by step of the piece I did commemorating my new found independence..... All iPhone photos so bare with me :)

Take a canvas board and slap some cream paint on it

Apply collage paper with gel medium

Apply antiquing gel around the outside with a paint brush then rub it in with a rag. Water can help smooth it out

Apply more collage elements and glue down

Scribble some portfolio oil pastels

Smudge.... Add some doodling and stamps to help make everything look cohesive

Spray some color wash to make clouds

If youre stamps dont work out so well like mine.... Trace them with a charcoal pencil... Smudge.... And call it a day ;) blend in some vintage photo ink on the edges to further antique it

Add a quote and a bird... This time colored in with a sharpie... And youre done!!!!!
i looked at this when i was done and the proportions made me think of when I was a kid.... What's important is always the biggest when you're little.... Today my flowers were way bigger then my clouds..... Funny how that stuff works out ;)
See u guys soon
Create what makes u happy!!!!

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