Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hmmmm Lets play catch up shall we????

This has been a crazy summer which apparently equals me being a crappy blogger....i have lots to share and say and no time to post.....Ill work on it i promise!!!!!
My trip was amazing.....i have a million ideas swimming in my head.....Its crazy how much inspiration one person can get in 5 days :) My idea book(and my suitcase) are bursting!!!!
Saturday night I flew in to boston to visit my friend cheryl and thought my friend debbie was coming up the the next day....SURPRISE debbie was in the car at the air port.....It made me sooooo happy :) Getting in at midnight kinda sucked though.....Debbie and I art journaled until the sun came up.....LITERALLY
.....Some times you just need another person next to you making pretty things to be inspired :)

Totally loved this little cafe in downtown Lowel!!! So much fun :) The soy latte was amazing....and so was the bright and cheery!!!!

U make me happy!!!!!
Out side the working artist lofts

Graffiti by fenway park in boston
Next post is seafood and beach time and then a lengthy post on travel journaling!!!! Almost all of these pics were taken and edited with my iphone :)

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