Friday, April 22, 2011

inspired mini workshop update

 This week Ive been working on my mini workshop kits. Here's the breakdown.....
  • 200 5" squares to rip   (the easy part!)
  • 400 grommets to set ( i dont wanna do it)
  • 100 batting squares to cut
  • 100 squares to sew(Over half done!)
  • a mere 25 kits to package(everything is ordered and here!)
Im getting there!!! I will to be 100% done by TONIGHT(maybe???? fingers crossed people)  In true ADD fashion while making up the kits this past week i have been playing around with ideas that expand upon the original idea. So fun. Ill post pics of those when i get back :) Some things have to be a surprise....right??? A few people have asked about kits. I will sell what i have left with printed instructions when i get back!!! Im also making up some extra banners and mini books to sell as well(pssst im gonna put them in the super secret etsy shop that i have had but never opened lol)

I leave in 16 days!!!!!!!! I cant freaking wait!!!! If youre going to inspired or youre in the area check out the class link ;)

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