Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentines day canvas banner

Hey guys!!! I hope you liked yesterdays video even though it cut off all crazy. 15 min goes by fast and my editing skills are not so good lol. First heres the other 2 garland banner things i made. Both were simple and cost about a dollar to make!!!
Love the garland on my stick thingies lol

 For this one I just freehand cut 3 different size circles and sewed them together! Super easy :) this one is my fav i think.
This one is super kid friendly! Free hand cut the circles......thread a blunt embroidery needle with twinery bakers twine...... (you could punch holes in the circles to make it easier for kids to make) knot on either side of the stacks. easy easy :) it looks like valentines sandwiches :)
I plan on making these for every holiday now!!!
I dont know what the deal is with the video quality :( i must be doing something wrong cus when i look at them on my computer they look perfect. not grainy at all. ill figure it out eventually!!!!

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